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Woodwick Large Jar Candle - Vanilla Bean

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About the Vanilla Bean Fragrance

If you love the Sweet Smell of Fresh Vanilla then this Vanilla Bean Large Candle is the one for you. Vanilla is often used to flavour cakes, and this Candle will remind you of your favourite bake!

This WoodWick Large candle comes in an elegant Hourglass Shaped glass container with a smart wooden lid. The Vanilla Bean Large Candle features a natural wooden wick which creates the sound of a crackling fire. Thus creating a unique fireplace ambience in any room!

The Iconic Hourglass shape of this Large Jar can be used for elegant storage once the candle is depleted.

The Medium Jar Fireside has an aproximate burn time of 130 hours

The WoodWick Story

Since its begining WoodWick has created multi sensory experiences with their candles. The exclusive Pluswick Innovation wick design in this Large Jar creates an even burn with the addition of the soothing and relaxing sound of a natural fire. The Hearthwick Flame featured in the Ellipse Hearthwick Candle Vanilla Bean produces a dancing flame creating a beautiful ambiance.

Care for your WoodWick Large Candle Vanilla Bean

  • Carefully light the Vanilla Bean Large Candles PlusWick
  • Allow the Wax to pool. You will experience the best results if you light your candle for between 3- 4 hours. Ensure the wax melts acrosss the entire surface of the candle before extinguishing it. This discourages tunnelling and ensures that you get the best use from your candle.
  • Keep your WoodWick Large Candle Vanilla Bean winin sight and away from any drafts. Remember it is an open flame, so needs to be kept away from flamable items, children, pets and other heat sources.
  • Please do not move the candle whilst its burning or when the wax is still hot
  • The Large Candle Vanilla Bean wick will require trimming, and this can be done when the candle is cold. Gently break the burned edges of the wick using a paper towel. Avoid allowing the wick trimmings to settle on the wax, otherwise it will spoil the look of your candle.
  • Please stop burning your WoodWick Large Candle Vanilla Bean when 6mm of wax is remaining.

Proper care of your Woodwick Large Candle will ensure you can enjoy the best burn every time!

About Us:

We are a family run business and we love what we do! Carefully selecting quality products to suit, you, our customers we find unique and quirky items such as this Vanilla Bean Large Candle

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