Steps Towards Sustainability

Steps Towards Sustainability

Posted by Beth on 1st Jul 2021

Like many businesses, we are working hard to reduce our carbon-footprint and offer sustainable products and packaging to our customers. We have compiled a list of our favourite eco-friendly products that we currently offer - but keep an eye out, because more products are added all the time!

  • Water bottles

Plastic disposable bottles take 450 years to decompose, and even the manufacturing process results in a huge amount of pollution. Using a reusable bottle can save using around 150 plastic bottles a year. We have a brilliant range of bottles, all made from high-quality metal, featuring quirky designs - we also have a great selection of personalisable bottles too! You can find our bottles here, such as this ‘You Can Do It’ Personalised Bottle.

  • Oak Coasters

Wood is a sustainable, biodegradable product that makes for beautiful home decor. Take a look at our range of oak coasters, which include this best-selling ‘Reserved for Dad’ Oak Coaster. These coasters also come in a personalisable version, which you can customise here.

  • Flask

It is estimated that the UK throws away around 2.5 billion take-away coffee cups each year. Many coffee shops now offer a discount if you bring your own mug or flask, so there is no better time to grab one of your own! We love this Bamboo Cat Mug design.

  • Mask

These last couple of years have contributed to disposable face-masks now becoming a huge litter and environmental issue that will likely be a problem for generations to come. Make a start on saving the environment by purchasing a reusable face-mask that can be washed and reused. Check out our entire range here.

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